Bannerdown Common

Bannerdown Common is about 1 mile North East of Batheaston. The Common is “Open Access” land which means you are free to roam, on foot, wherever you wish.

There are lots of tracks and trails, in addition to Public Footpaths and a Bridleway, making it a great place for Nature Explorers of all ages. Why not connect the kids in your life with nature? There are interesting things to discover, and adventures to be had, all year round!

Access on foot, from the village, is straight up Fosse Lane. There is a small car park at the very top of Bannerdown Road hill (road to Colerne). Dogs are very welcome, but PLEASE:

  • Always keep dogs under effective control (a long lead perhaps);
  • Remove dog waste – it is smelly, unpleasant and is hazardous;
  • 1st March to 31st July is the wildlife breeding season. Dogs are required to be on a short (2m) lead.

The Common has large areas of Unimproved Species Rich Meadow. It might sound a little odd, but Unimproved Meadow is very good… and very rare! It means the land has not been “improved” by fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides or any other nasty chemical stuff. It is a natural environment with an abundance of wild flowers, butterflies, insects and birds. It is a great environment for people too!

In addition to its meadows, Bannerdown has a large species rich “wildwood” on its western slopes. We call it the Wild West Wood! Here, we encourage nature to follow a natural cycle of Growth, Maturity, Decline and Regeneration. Standing deadwood, fallen trees and broken branches provide important habit for wonderful fungi, lichens, ferns, insects, birds and butterflies all of which add to the diversity and ecology of this fascinating area. There is a “secret trail” around the Wild West Wood. Another great place for Nature Explorers!

We hope you can visit Bannerdown Common and enjoy its special qualities. Please follow the Countryside Code.

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories!

Sorry, but FIRES and CAMPING are NOT PERMITTED on the common.

Bannerdown Common is owned by The Batheaston Freeholders Association and is a Nature Conservation area managed under a Natural England Countryside Stewardship Agreement. 

Rob Kendall 07921 786821

Secretary of the Batheaston Freeholders Association, Guardians of the Batheaston Commons since 1719.