Councillor Vacancies

Councillors are elected to Batheaston Parish Council at the local elections, held every 4 years. The council has 15 seats - if more than 15 candidates submit themselves for election - then an election takes place. If 15 or less candidates come forward, then these candidates take up the seats automatically, after the election date.

This means that there are 4 methods by which a person may become a councillor

  • Elected at the 4 yearly local elections (or take up a seat if no election is required)
  • Be co-opted to a vacant seat, shortly after the election, if there are vacancies at the election, and no election is required.
  • Be co-opted to a vacant seat, during the lifetime of a council, if there are still vacancies (unfilled by the post election co-option process)
  • Be co-opted to a vacant seat, due to the resignation or death of a standing member.

Details of vacancies, and the procedure to be followed (that will differ depending on the reason for the vacancy, as above), will be posted on this web site - on this page, and also in the Newsroom, together with notices on the Council noticeboards.

Current Vacancies

There are a number of vacancies for Councillors.  Residents of the Parish - and others who are eligible to serve as Parish Councillors - are encouraged to contact the Clerk, or current Councillors.