Parish Councillors share the pride that many people feel about the Rhymes Pavilion, and how well it has served the community over the past 30 or more years. We are now keen to consider how it can continue to do so for the next generation, providing an up-to-date and high-quality sports and community facility in the heart of the village.  

Councillors are aware of how strongly residents feel about this much-loved building and want to maintain the legacy of the Rhymes Family – but, it is clear that a much needed update is now required and we are keen to explore more ambitious plans. 

To do this, the Parish Council established a Working Group in April 2023.  The Terms of Reference for this group are here.

The Parish Council commissioned a building survey in September 2023 which you can view here. This highlighted a number of areas of concern, which amount to quite a considerable amount of work, at potentially a significant cost.